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If children

If children Put the trees which are cut out from a cardboard on a floor: appletree, firtree, oak, aspen, dogrose, birch.

If children have a difficulty, it is possible to suggest to repeat the text together with you is interfaced or lead which will help the child to continue the story.

Remember and repeat.

Suggest one of children to become goat, put on to him a hat of a goat and put on penek.

Suggest children to call all trees which a goat with kids met on the way.

Tell rules of the game: I will call two trees, and you attentively listen and remember their names.

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Equipment: figures

Equipment: figures The developing to develop acoustical and visual attention of the child, thinking.

Equipment: figures of characters of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

,, ,, , ; subject pictures see fig.

, ; cards for global reading in duplicate with the words Snegurushka, fox, wolf, bear, grandfather, grandmother; the subject picture to the game Hide the Girl see fig.

; subject pictures to game Who superfluous?

see fig.

; the picture Labyrinth see fig.

for each child.

Occupation course Organizational moment.

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Try to swaddle

Try to swaddle Try to give it a pacifier if your doctor does not object.

Try to swaddle him hardly.

Some mothers and skilled nurses consider that uneasy children feel much better in small space in a small basket or even in the cardboard box which is laid out from within by a blanket.

If you have a carriage or a cradle, try to shake the child before going to bed, maybe, the easy movement will calm him.

The driving in the car miraculously lulls uneasy children, but all trouble that houses is made a fresh start.

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In most cases

In most cases Many people are hurt a little by a throat at the beginning of each disease.

Often the doctor, investigating the sick child with the increased temperature, easily finds reddening of a throat as the only symptom of a disease.

The child can not feel a sore throat.

In most cases the redness quickly passes.

The child has to stay at home until the redness finally passes.

It is necessary to call the doctor if at the child temperature if he looks a patient is increased or it has quite strong redness in a throat even at a normal temperature.

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Parents, however, were

Parents, however, were The eightyearold boy who tried to be hung up on own stockings, but in time from a loop was taken out, told me that decided to die because there was no other opportunity convince parents not to send him to orphanage.

Parents, however, were not going to do it: they thus brought up it very much much of it complained at school and the two received.

Understand the boy speaks differently on them it was impossible to work.

I both apologized, and roared, both swore, and rowed do not hear, and all.

In orphanage, speak, we will hand over you will know.

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